Our team is experienced in middle market investing and unique in the private equity industry for its continuity

The partners of Freeman Spogli have been with the firm for an average of 25 years

Ronald P. Spogli


John M. Roth

Chief Executive Officer

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Jon D. Ralph

President and Chief Operating Officer

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Sara J. Gilson

Vice President

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Brendan D. Motz

Vice President

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Juan R. Pita

Vice President

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Shannon A. Vonk

Vice President

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Anthony I. Biegel

Senior Associate

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Rayhaan Charania

Senior Associate

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Robert C. Lewis

Senior Associate

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Dennis M. McCarthy

Senior Associate

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Lou A. Losorelli

Chief Financial Officer

William M. Wardlaw

Chief Compliance Officer

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Annie J. Park

Fund Accounting and Financial Reporting Manager

Betty Sheets

Senior Advisor