Our team is experienced in middle market investing and unique in the private equity industry for its continuity

The partners of Freeman Spogli have a long tenure with the firm

Ronald P. Spogli


John M. Roth

Chief Executive Officer

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Jon D. Ralph

President and Chief Operating Officer

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Richard P. Prestegaard

Principal, Head of Business Development

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Kellie E. Barranco

Vice President

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Robert C. Lewis

Vice President

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Dennis M. McCarthy

Vice President

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Brendan D. Motz

Vice President

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Shane P. Owens

Vice President

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Jess Yuan

Vice President

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Tyler P. Foulks

Senior Associate

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Kevin Park


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Todd W. Halloran

Senior Advisory Partner

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J. Frederick Simmons

Senior Advisory Partner


Chris M. Iorillo

Chief Financial, Legal and Compliance Officer

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Annie J. Park

Chief Accounting Officer

Jacob W. Reimers

Senior Analyst

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